12 hour exposure, Kitt Peak, Arizona
Irish lass Judith Woodworth
Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer cruises over the Mojave Desert on fifth test flight.
Scaled Composities "Spike"
Adam Aircraft prototype, designed by Burt Rutan & built by Scaled Composites, of Mojave, California.
Kit plane designed and built for Popular Mechanics Magazine.
US Marines practice Dirty War combat procedures at a village designed to look like an Iraq town.
Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team prepare to enter a house.
Korean Demilitarized Zone on the border between North and South Korea.
US Navy Seal emerges from San Diego Bay while on training procedures.
US Army Ranger practices attack procedures before deployment to Iraq.
Story on Game Boy PDA devices for Boy's Life Magazine.
Yo-yo champions Joel and Ryan Zink of Reno, Nevada
Boy Scout troop leader Willie Coronado, leads a group of Boy Scouts in San Rafael, California.
Burt Rutan's Proteus aircraft cruises above the Mojave Desert.
Burt Rutan's amazing Boomerang aircraft cruises above the Mojave Desert on an early morning test flight.