World Series Game 1--McCovey Cove

First game of 2010 World Series between San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers. Pitcher Tim Lincecum defeated Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee before a sell-out crowd of 43,601 plus a thousand more in a variety of water craft in McCovey Cove. The Giants won 11-7. San Francisco edged ahead in the series, 1-0

Tips & Tricks about the photography: The photos were shot from a 2-place kayak with the help of my good friend Jeremy Howard. We agreed in advance that keeping our substantial amount of camera gear dry was our Number One priority. After putting the kayak in the water, we paddled about two miles to McCovey Cove. Most of the photos were shot with the help of one or two Nikon SB-800 strobes balanced for the fading daylight and stadium lights on a Nikon D3s camera. For most of the strobe photos, the strobes were attached to the side of the kayak with a Justin Clamp so that I could hold the camera and lens in my hands. For the high angle shots, the camera was attached to a monopod. A self-timer was used to fire the camera. Despite the difficulty of moving around, Jeremy and I had good mobility in the kayak. And the camera gear stayed dry.

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