"Summer of '69"-RTE revisits a National Geographic Article

In the summer of 2009, Irish director Peter Mulryan phoned me from Dublin and asked if I would like to reprise the article that I shot for National Geographic Magazine for the September, 1969 issue. When I realized that he was not kidding, we retraced the steps many of the steps that I had taken 40 years earlier.

First we shot for several days in my California studio with an American crew. Then, we moved to Ireland for three weeks and revisited many of the places and people that we could locate from the original article.

Great fun. Amazing experience.

The Friendly Irish article from the September, 1969 issue of National Geographic Magazinewas the subject of an award winning television program for Radio Television Ireland (RTE), which was broadcast twice in 2010.

Field Notes: I was able to work "both sides of the camera" for this project. For the California portion of the shoot, I worked as Associate Producer, hired the American crew (Bill Holshevnikov-camera and Kim Komenich-sound) and also shot production stills. For the Irish portion of the project, I was the talent, or presenter, who spoke on camera at the direction of Peter Mulryan. The Irish crew was great. Despite the intense experience and occasion marginal Irish weather, we worked well together.

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