STEADICAM Workshop in San Francisco with Peter Abraham

Attended an amazing–and very challenging–2 day Steadicam workshop in San Francisco. The purpose of the workshop was to teach nine students how to move or "fly" a video camera attached to a Steadicam vest and harness.

Flew 3 different cameras on 3 different rigs, around corners, up stairs, through doorways, move forwards and backwards, and more.

Great experience. Very demanding. The cameras included a conventional large Sony beta camera, a medium-size prosumer Sony video camera, and a small, 35mm-style Canon 7D camera.

Two 12-hour days with Steadicam Master Peter Abraham who flew to San Francisco from his base in New York to instruct, cajole, humor, stimulate and teach 9 students, including myself.

At the end of the 2nd afternoon, the final exam for each student involved following an "actor" (one of the students--we each took turns) as the actor entered through a doorway, follow the actor with a Steadicam as he ascended a stairway , walk through a maze of gear and displays littering the second floor of a showroom, and then follow the actor as he sat down at a table to talk to a salesman.

Whether walking forward or backward, smoothness and coordinated motion with the Steadicam and the camera ruled the day.

At the end of the second day, Peter issued a certificate from Steadicam indicating that we had successfully completed two days of training.

However, he cautioned each of us that this certificate marked a beginning for each of us to continue learning. It did not constitute a validation that we had attained greatness as Steadicam masters.

The two day workshop was held at Adolph Gassers on 2nd Street in San Francisco.

About the Photos: I shot the workshop photos with a Nikon D-300 camera with the help of a single Nikon D-900 flash and the pop-up flash on the camera. The strobes were balanced for the ambient light in the camera store. ISO 400. 24-120mm Nikkor lens. Camera RAW. Processed in Photoshop CS-5.

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